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Ibiza and Formentera Seawater

Ibiza and Formentera Seawater Co. is a family eco enterprise related to the sea, to the values of health and the protection to the environment.

We collect sea water in the sea, in privileged sites for its high stability in the composition of minerals. Sites where sea currents keep the seawater clean and constant salinity, where sea currents are circular type called vortex. There are large concentrations of plankton, second food chain on Earth form, along with the plants, capable of transforming, through a process called marine biocenosis, non bioavailable minerals in bioavailable elements, fully comparable to our body . This Seawater is called MARINE PLASMA.

Ibiza & Formentera Seawater is ESTRUCTURED Seawater.

Structuring seawater is to provide a molecular coherence in the seawater, restoring its optimum condition for the development of its primary function, which is the maximum hydration and assimilation of minerals through inner medium, without which the cells could not perform their important functions for the body.

We use Ultra-filtration system, which is very similar to the body system filters, allowing rapid absorption of nutrients and reduction in dosage.

This protocol capture and extraction, along with ultra-filtration systems and not to use materials that change the chemical composition of water make it seawater of the highest quality.

We extract, sterilize, filtrate and pack Sea Water for human use, all this with sanitary registration as prepared bottled/packed Water, for what our Sea Water can be drunk with the purpose of mineralize and alkalize the body.

What does the Marine Plasma:

  • Recharge of hidro-electrolites thanks to its mineral salts.
  • Regulates the enzyme function and helps to the good immunological function, among others.
  • Regenerates the cells by bringing back its homeostatic balance and provides the necessary materials for its own reparation.

Ibiza and Formentera Seawater offers several formats. :

  • Spray in a glass bottle of 100 ml., ultra-filtered for topical use.
  • Glass bottle of 100 ml., ultra-filtered for direct ingestion.
  • Glass bottle of 250 ml., ultra-filtered for direct ingestion.
  • Glass bottle of 750 ml., ultra-filtered for direct ingestion.

We plead for the bio-sostenibility of natural resources, energetic saving, decrease of the consumption of drinkable water and respect to the environment from the extraction to you.

Ibiza and Formentera Sea Water in none of his stages neither chemical products nor materials that could alter its original composition. The prestige and the recognition of our products comes from the quality of the raw material. Excellent hyper oxygenated water by Posidonia's Meadows (recognized by the UNESCO as Patrimony of Humanity in 1999) and by the marine currents that contribute to the purity and clarity, which has made famous the Ibiza and Formentera’s Sea.

From Ibiza and Formentera Sea Water, we are compromised with the quality of our product, this is why we carry out numerous quality tests from the extraction zone to the final product. The analyses have different parameters, following the directives of the Royal decree 1799/2010 that regulates the process of production and commercialization of prepared packed water for human consumption, *being the first Spanish company in the sanitary record that obtains the registration for prepared bottled/packed Water.*

Usage of Ibiza and Formentera Sea Waters:

  • To drink:

    How to drink Ibiza y Formentera Sea Water:

    • It is drunk directly without diluting. In small doses (30 ml) and spread during the day. This way, like mouth rinsing, we will keep the water in the mouth and mix it with our saliva, in order to isotonize the Sea Water, then we will swallow it and that will be it! Our first drink of Sea Water, in a conscious and healthy way. Sea Water contains approximately about four times more of diluted salts than our inner plasma (water of sea 36 gr/l versus internal plasma 9 gr/l.) and this is the main reason why we must drink it in small doses.
    • Diluted, a part of Sea Water by three of mineral natural water (proportion 1 to 4). It can mineralize juices, shakes and all type of drinks, by adding between 2-3 % of Sea Water to them (for example, add a tea spoon of Ibiza and Formentera Sea Water in a glass of fresh orange juice).

    Drinking Ibiza and Formentera Sea Water is a nutritional complement and it is, in no case, a substitute for mineral natural water.

  • Personal use:

    Due to its composition, sea water is an excellent nutrient.

    Its alkaline PH between 8.1 and 8.3 and its high mineral riches, in which all the elements of the periodic table are present, makes Sea Water a great nourishment to cellular level.

    It has disinfectant properties. Used traditionally as toothpaste and mouthwash, disinfects and treats small wounds and infections. Great nasal and ocular decongestant used in cataplasms and cleanliness of wounds for its great aseptic power, disinfectant and healing.

    Its alkaline PH fights stomach acidity. According to the Doctor George La Fargué Sea Water is antibiotic, bactericidal, a solvent and nutrient, since it contains the essential elements for the constitution of fat, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals of the periodic table, which allow the assimilation of the vitamins needed.

    Sea Water contains all the existing minerals in the periodic table in a bio - available way, all of them diluted in the best existing universal solvent: water.

    The minimal dose recommended for a person per day is between 30 ml and 50 ml, from the glass bottle. (So that the body feels the benefits of the contribution of minerals and trace elements, in a nutritional level).

Interaction between minerals.

Some chemical information of Ibiza & Formentera Seawater:

  • Magnesium 1801 mg/l
  • Calcium 410 mg/l
  • Potasium 392 mg/l
  • Silicium 2,9 mg/l
  • Oxigen dissolved 9,01 mg/l
  • PH 8,2

For more information, contact:

David Aguado Cortés

+34 687 735 947



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